The Classic - Black and white pen sketch of penis


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The perfect budget friendly gift doesn't ex...

A limited edition print of a penis drawing is a lovely gift for any friend or loved one.

The flow and precision of the artwork ensures a bold but natural appearance. It is beautiful. It is timeless. It is a sweet present for someone special in your life. This range of prints represent a penis in its natural form. Pleasing to the eye in its simplicity without any extra bells and whistles. 

Hot Tip: If you would like something extra special and truly unique (e.g. portraits), I also offer Custom Requests

Print Orders are Selected at Random 

Part of the fun when you make an order is how the penis will look in the drawing your friend receives. A penis can take many forms and I try to give an honest representation of those various forms in the range of drawings I do. 

Colour Prints Available

This coloured option offers that little bit more for the sophisticated appreciator of penis art. Smooth but firm pen strokes are complemented by soft watercolours to make this piece of art particularly meaningful and impactful.

It sends a clear message to the lucky recipient — 'you are so special that I was happy to pay a bit more for you to receive a limited edition penis drawing printed in colour'.


Current Delivery Estimate for Print Orders is...

24-48 Hrs for Packaging + Shipping Time 

Prints are currently in stock and ready to ship. 

I ship all of these fine, illustrated penises from Brisbane, Australia to anywhere worldwide.

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