The Thoughtful Gift for All Occasions

Telling someone special exactly how much you love them can be a challenge.

It can be hard to find the right words to say and every gift idea you think of doesn't properly sum up how you feel — until now!

Sending a Limited Edition Hand Drawn Penis is the best way to impress someone you love!

Every mature human on this planet appreciates the good humor of a penis drawing. It is the appreciation for that humor after all, that separates us from the animals. If the word ‘penis’ is funny, a sketch of a penis is not just heartwarming and aesthetically pleasing, it also borders on comic genius.

Genuine Limited Edition

Every hand drawn penis is smartly presented on a small piece of real cardboard and will be numbered and signed by the artist which is me.

Making a Difference

This website was made to raise money for world-leading prostate cancer research. This website was the best thing I could think of to combine my two great passions of hand drawn phallic art and raising money for charity.

100% of donations made through this website as well as 50% of profits from drawings goes to charity. Any additional donation is greatly appreciated.

Limited Edition Hand Drawn Penis on Cardboard Gifts are:

💝  Excellent
💝  Fun
💝  Lovely

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