Knobtober 2017

Check out the collection of Knobtober 2017 Drawings here

For the month of October, I will be raising much-needed funds and awareness for prostate cancer research by launching the inaugural Knobtober campaign — a fundraising drawing challenge which you can join me in! 

Every day I will be creating an extra special penis drawing and sharing it on our social media. For my drawings, I will be following Jake Parker's annual Inktober drawing challenge prompts — there are some good theme words in there!

For those that can afford it, supporting the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia by donating to the campaign page would be greatly appreciated:

I may be a professional penis artist, but I am only one man — I need your help!

I would be delighted if you could support this cause by liking and sharing the drawings, donating to the campaign page, or taking up the Knobtober 2017 challenge yourself!

Inside everyone is a great artist — take up the challenge to help find a cure 

  1. Draw a penis during the month of October (everyday, once per week or even just one for your favorite theme word)
  2. Post your drawings online (or share my drawings or those of friends) with hashtags #knobtober #knobtober2017
  3. Promote the campaign page and ask friends, colleagues, and kind strangers to make a small donation

If you have any questions, media enquiries, or would like to support this campaign on a corporate level, please contact me through the form below.

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